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If you are interested in any of the dogs, please phone Gyll Mauchline (Between 9:00 and 18:00) on: 01778 440318  or  07708 589792. If you cannot get through, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible or Email   GYLL


Name: Phoebe
Breed: Jack Russel
Age approx: 7 years
Phoebe's story is heartbreaking. Her owner had mental health problems and unfortunately Phoebe's scarred concave head is the result! So you won't be surprised to hear that Phoebe has some trust issues and on some occasions has nipped. Re- homing her isn't going to be easy. Phoebe to our delight has made progress. She has just started jumping onto the lap of one of the kennel ladies (this is only on Phoebe's terms though) and she comes into the office for treats and a run around to build her confidence. We are looking for a unique home situation for Phoebe. Maybe a home with a spare room and a stair gate, a quiet place and enclosed garden (no need for lengthy walks) Some one with time and patience and a good understanding of dogs.
We will be available to help at all times. She would need to be the only pet and a child free environment. Phoebe would be available for long term foster with all vets fees covered and full assistance from us.


Name: Molly
Breed: English Bull Terrier Cross
Age approx: 5 1/2 Months
This beautiful puppy came to us as her owner was an older gentleman on his own with a disability and he realised he couldn't give Molly the time and attention she needed.
He tells us she loves others dogs. Not sure about cats because she's not come across them and absolutely adores children. Although our advice is always children a little older due to strength. She will grow a bit more. He says she enjoys car journeys and is crate trained. Yesterday she was a dream and was in full play mode to our delight. and she's not bad at all on the lead for a puppy. So just a lovely lovely pup needing a loving home. Molly is proving to be a clever girl and she is learning how to fetch her toys back now. She's just a little dream


Name: Skippy
Breed Lurcher Cross
Age approx:  9 years
Skippy lived in Spain with her owner and then sadly he died and she was bought back to this country to us to be re homed. And sadly that was last summer and
Skippy is still with us. Skippy is a lovely girl and despite being on the mature side is very playful and still running fast after her toys. She plays beautifully with her toys and enjoys fetch.
Skippy will sit nicely for you and give you her paw and she will drop. She's very soft mouthed when taking a treat and will wait patiently for a toy to be thrown. Very obedient.
Skippy is happy with her own company, sometimes being left to enjoy her chosen toy that day all to herself. Throwing it in the air or just holding it in her mouth.
Skippy walks on a loose lead and will let you groom her from dawn to dusk.We would like Skippy to be the only pet. and children 8+ because she's a larger dog. Due to Skippy's age she can be available for long tern foster. We assist with all vets fees and our full back up
Skippy's Video 1


Name: Ruby
Breed: German Shepherd
Age approx:  1 1/2 year  
Ruby's owners worked long hours and so sadly she spent a lot of time on her own in the garden attached to a running line. Not a good start at all for a young dog ! She also came to us with an infection in her stomach which has taken her 3 months to recover from and now she's doing well and happily she's gaining weight.
When Ruby is in the exercise area she loves the toys especially a squeaky one and plays with the balls and she can get two in her mouth.
But she needs encouragement and she does take herself off to the corner and sit alone, which is probably the result of being left alone for so long in her early days. She does come round though and she's learning quickly.
We feel Ruby would benefit from going to a home who has experience of the GSD and she would probably do better on her own, and older children.


Name: Sammi
Breed: Boarder Collie Cross
Age approx: 5 years
Lovely little Sammi has been with us a few years now , one of our long term residents and unfortunately she keeps getting over looked.
She was bought on a social media site on a whim. No interview no home check no cooling off period !She's extremely pretty and she has a glossy coat. Sammi is initially very excited and bouncy when she comes out but after a very good run and play time she will settle. She's a clever energetic girl.
We think she would really  benefit from agility classes and be top girl.
She just needs a chance to shine and be in a home where she gets the attention she needs.
Sammi is a very friendly girl and enjoys lots of fuss. She loves being groomed and  playing with toys and enjoys playing fetch.
Sammi's not keen on cats but could be homed with a male dog. A secure fenced garden as well for this inquisitive little girl., and children aged 12+


Name: Lexi
Breed: Boxer/Labrador Cross
Age approx:  3 years
Lexi came to us because her owners was evicted form their home. Lexi is a very eye catching girl with a beautiful physique and a glossy coat. Photos don't do her justice.
Lexi is just a pleasure to be with  in the execise area and is so well behaved. With the Boxer cross you would probably be  expecting her to be quite boisterous but she's not. She really just wants to be with you and quite happy to take in the scenery and sniff and after that come and sit at your feet or by your side. She is very patient and focused. She will sit and wait for a treat and take it very gently. Just a joy. Lexi enjoys toys and likes to chase a ball. She's is really quite relaxed and lovely to be with. Lexi will walk quite nicely on the lead after a little initial excitment. Lexi could be homed with a neutered male pending a meeting to see if they get on and with children 7+


Name: Tess
Breed: Rotweiler
Age approx: 7 years
Tess came to us because the couple who had her had got a new baby in the house and no longer had the time to give to Tess that she fully deserved, and sadly that was 6 years ago. So Tess has become a long term resident with us. Tess is 7 now and she would be available for long term foster care, you would have our full support and vets fees paid for. Tess is a lovely girl who likes to trot around the exercise area doing her own thing. She's quiet and calm and happy with her own company. But when you have a treat you will have Tess's full attention and she will sit nicely and take it very gently.
She will stay by your side and walk to heel. She's good on the lead and when we walk past the other dogs in their kennels she pays little attention to them preferring to  leisurely sniff. She's a lovely old girl just looking for a comfy bed to spend her twilight years. We recommend meeting Tess a couple of times for her to get to know you.
She could be homed with a male pending a meeting and older children, maybe teenagers


Name: Tia
Breed: Labrador/Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross
Age approx: 7 years
Tia's owners were evicted and she was living in unsuitable filthy conditions ! She's been with us a long time.But despite this awful start she's just a lovely friendly happy girl. She loves running round and round with a ball. And really is just as good as gold.
She's very playful and loves playing fetch and will keep bringing the ball back and dropping at your feet over and over which is a pleasure to see. She takes treats gently and just a great all rounder.
Once she's had a good play she loves nothing more than to lay stretched out on the grass with her legs behind her with a ball. Tia's not keen on cats but could be homed with a male pending a meeting and older children because she's quite strong. Maybe teenagers.


Name: Cody
Breed German Shepherd
Age approx:    2 years old
Cody came to us because the male owner was working long hours and the female owner had a bad back.
Cody is just a great pleasure to take out into the exercise area and you can watch her for ages just playing and amusing herself. She loves all the toys and struggles to know which one to play with first. But we think the squashed football (or two) might just be her favorite and she will bound round and round with one in her mouth. She has a wonderful friendly nature and is very clever and picks things up quiclyk. She will sit and give you her paw and take treats nicely from your hand and she's not bad on the lead.
She's just a lovely friendly young girl who enjoys to be in our company. Cody could be homed with another dog pending a meeting and children 6/7 +


Name: Dotty
Breed: Collie/Labrador/Beagle cross
Age approx: 3  years
Dotty's owner sadly passed away and there was no one to take her on and that is why she came to us last summer.
Dotty is just delightful, a real bundle of joy. She's quite petite and looks like she has white socks on her front legs.
When she comes out in the exercise area she's great to play with and has fetch down to a fine art, and she is extremely agile.
Dotty is obedient and well behaved and knows her basic commands so she's clever and has huge potential to learn. Dotty loves toys and her treats. and she will take treats very gently from your hand. She's just a lovely girl and a delight to be with. Dotty enjoys traveling in the car and being groomed. A good all rounder.
Dotty could be homed with a calm older male and children 5+


Name: Star
Breed: Burmese Mountain dog Cross
Age approx: 4 years
Star's owners decided they didn't want her any more because they were having a baby and that was 4 years ago when star was a puppy and sadly she's still with us !  This incredibly well behaved  girl keeps getting over looked because of he size. She is stunning to look at and has a glossy thick coat and she enjoys being groomed.
She loves to run a round the paddock chasing a ball and when you go to throw the ball she bows down like a puppy and gets excited.
She's very intelligent and will sit give you her paw lay down and takes treat very gently from your hand. Star really loves a fuss and will press her body into you for more.
She's just like a big soft teddy bear a real gentle giant. We think Star could be homed with a male dog and older children purely because she's big


Name: Jessie
Breed: German Shepherd
Age approx: 10 years
Jessie is a lovely friendly old girl and we are currently looking for long term foster care for her.
She really deserves the comfort of a loving home for her to live out her twilight years. When she is in the exercise area she loves to roll in the grass and trot around having a sniff.
She recently went to the vets and had a bath and groom ( her spa day ) because she has very thick long hair.  And she thoroughly enjoyed it. She looked like she was grinning ear to ear.
Could you be that special person to give Jessie a home? long term foster would have full support from us including the vets fees.
Jessie's not keen on cats and small dogs and would be better homed in a house with older children. She's a smaller shepherd but still on quite big


Name: Pickles
Breed: Labrador Cross 
Age approx:    6 years
Pickles came to us because her devoted owner had a heart attack.
She's a super girl  and we are surprised she's still with us because she's so amiable and loving. Pickles is playful and loves chasing a ball. She will bring it back and drop it at your feet. She's knows how to sit and give her paw and will lay down when you tell her to.
Pickles takes great pleasure when she out in the grass  exercise area by laying flat on her belly with her legs stretched out behind her and a ball in between her paws . Lovely to see !Pickles could be homed with a male dog and children aged 5+


Name: Snoops
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Age approx: 5 years
Snoops came to us because the couple who owned her said she was too boisterous with their young Children and being a young girl at the time it not surprising! We Usually advice 5+ with younger dogs.
That was 3 years ago. So sadly Snoops is one of our long term residents. It's such a shame because she has such a  friendly playful nature and just lovely to be with. She will give you lots of kisses and shows lots of affection to everyone she meets She will sit nicely for you and if you have a treat she's very funny because she almost lays down for it. Despite being a strong girl she takes treats incredibly gently from your hand. She loves her belly rubs and lots of fuss.
Just a lovely girl. We would like Snoops to be the only pet and older children purely because she's on the strong side


Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Age approx: 10 years
Lovely Lola is a smaller Staffordshire Bull Terrier and she's been with us quite a while now.
She came from a house where she was being used for breeding and they no longer needed her.
When Lola is on the lead she calms down very quickly to walk nicely. She loves a cuddle and when she has her belly rubbed, she snorts like a little pig because she's just so happy. She loves to play games for her treats rather than play with toys. One of the ladies at the kennels has actually  taught Lola to take treats gently from her mouth. She is as soft as grease.
Lola is getting on now and she would be available for long term foster to live out her twilight years and we would assist with vets fees and you  would have our full support.
Could you be that special person ?  We would like to home Lola as the only pet and with older children because she's quite strong


Name: Summer
Breed: Dogue de Bordeaux
Age approx: 4 years
Summer started life in a puppy factory and the lady who bought her gave her up because her first dog didn't like her ! and so she came to us. Summer is a very distinctive looking girl.
She's actually the same breed as the dog in "Turner and Hooch" If you know the film you'll know what a lovely temperament these dogs have. When Summer is in the exercise area she will break into a little trot and then she will drop down and  roll and roll in the grass . Then she will attempt to sit on your lap if you're sitting on the ground.
All 70 kg of her ! She's extremely loving and will prod you with her paw for more fuss.
Summer could be available for long term foster with full veterinary support and help from us.
We would Summer to be rehomed as the only pet and with older children due to her size.


Name: Harley
Breed: Standard Poodle/German Shepherd cross
Age approx: -2 years
Harley is coming to us around the 22/06/15 and can be available before this date. She is currently living with her owner until they have to move and sadly have to give her up.
So we don't know an awful lot about her at this point and we hope to assess her very soon and get a good up to date description when we meet her later this week.
We do know that she's living with a cat and that she is an unusual cross. We are looking forward to getting pictures and hopefully a video.
So watch this space.


Name: Lily
Breed: Husky/Labrador Cross
Age approx: 7 years
Lily came to us because her owners house needed renovations and they were meant to come back for her after it was finished. But they decided they no longer wanted her ! So she came to us and is now one of our long term residents and we are not sure why. Lily is a beautiful girl and has striking 'Bowie' eyes. One blue and one brown.
She has a lovely friendly nature and when she comes out into the exercise area she always likes to have a really good roll on the grass and then a mad couple of minutes running round and round, and then shes ready to play.
She loves her toys especially a squeaky one and a raggy one . and plays fetch nicely.She is affectionate and really enjoys fuss and attention and a groom.
Lily will sit nicely and give her paw. She can do most of our agility course but not mastered the hoop yet. So  she's a clever girl.
We would like Lily to be the only pet and older children because she's a larger dog.


Name: Shona
Breed: Blue Merle Border Collie 
Age approx:   8 years
Shona's world was turned upside down when her owners marriage broke up and neither were in a postion to take her or their other dog she came in with. It all proved too  much change for them both and the other dog started to Bully Shona and we had to separate them . So she was left alone. Shona is a quiet reserved girl and she needs time to get to know you. She's gentle and has a sweet nature.
When we take Shona in the exercise  area we let her come to us and when she does, it feels like a real privilege especially when she lays down and rolls on her back for us to tickle her tummy.  We feel she would benefit from being in a home with people who have experience of this type of dog and appreciate her cautious gentle nature, and somewhere where she can have a bit of quiet time.
She would do better as the only dog and with children old enough to understand that Shona may not want cuddles 24/7 at first.









Those Currently in Foster Homes


Name: Roxy
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Age approx: 2 years old
Roxy loves people and is always excited to meet new ones and furiously wags her tail. She's an extremely happy young girl and very loyal. Roxy sits and gives her paw. Her  foster carers tell us that Roxy sits and waits for her food and won't have it until she's given the ok. That's good going for such a young girl. She adores her Kong toy/Chewy which keeps her amused for ages and she only chews that and not the furniture. Roxy gets on very well with the foster carers daugthers two Border Collies. Roxy's foster carers have spent a lot of time training her and she's well behaved. She could be homed with an older male. And she likes children. But a little older 5+


Name: Ellie
Breed Lurcher
Age approx:   
More details to follow


Name: Quavers
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Age approx:  3 years
Quavers is with us because of a marriage split. She has a striking very dark brindle coat.
Quavers is a beautifully natured girl. And just loves being with us.
She's a bundle of fun and her tail wags continuously.
She loves her games and very good at playing fetch and we find that she's picking up commands very quickly. She loves a fuss and will press her body into you to make sure she gets maximum cuddles.
She loves her belly rubs alot !!! She's just a real softie.
Quavers knows her basic commands and happily sits and gives her paw. She has huge potential .
Quavers is incredibly gentle and takes treats from yours hands,.  gentlest I've know actually.
Quavers could be homed with male dogs and childrenaged  6+ because she is quite strong.
Those Arriving Shortly


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