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If you are interested in any of the dogs, please phone Gyll Mauchline (Between 9:00 and 18:00) on: 01778 440318  or  07708 589792. If you cannot get through, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible or Email   GYLL



Name: Phoebe
Breed: Jack Russel
Age approx: 4 years
Phoebe is a pretty wire haired Jack Russell. She can be a bit nervous. She does not get well with other dogs or cats. This dog would be best suited to a quiet home with a secure garden and no children


Name: Frankie
Breed: Mastiff/boxer cross
Age approx:  9 months
She is very friendly, loves playing and likes cuddles. Would suit a home with older children.


Name: Pippa
Breed Labrador
Age approx:  10 years
Owner has died leaving Pippa on his own
More details to follow


Name: Ruby
Breed: German Shepherd
Age approx:  1 year  
A pretty young lady who needs patience and understanding as she has not had a good start in life.  


Name: Sammi
Breed: Cross Breed
Age approx: 2 years
Black and Tan. She is very loving and would enjoy dog training agility. She would need a secure garden. She does not like cats and would not be suitable in a home with younger children. 


Name: Lexi
Breed Boxer Cross
Age approx:  3 years
More details to follow


Name: Tess
Breed: Rotweiler
Age approx: 4 years
Tess is a gentle giant! She loves human contact and is keen to please. Tess gets on well with other dogs although she is not so keen on cats. She would love to be in a family with older children.


Name: Tia
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross
Age approx: 8 years
Tia is a very sweet slightly older girl who came in with her friend Ben. She is good with dogs but not children but cannot be rehomed with cats. She did come in with her life long friend Ben, who has since found a forever home and now she is wondering when it will be her turn.


Name: Tina
Breed: German Shepherd Cross (small build)
Age approx: 2 years
Black in colour. When she came to us, she was timid, but now with the love and care she has been given, she has developed a nice personality. She is loving and obedient. She does not like cats and would not be suitable with young children.
My name is Tina and I am a 3 years old German Shepherd Cross. I used to have a friend that looked like me called Jacob, but he found his forever home and is always on facebook being taken to nice places. I wish it was my turn soon, please come and see me.


Name: Dotty
Breed: Cross breed
Age approx: 2  years
A pretty young lady who is a little timid at first until she gets to know you.  She needs to be homed alone and with older children.


Name: Star
Breed: Burmese Mountain dog Cross
Age approx: 4 years
Owners moving to smaller property and have decided Star is too large for their new home. Friendly, obedient and good with children.


Name: Jessie
Breed: German Shepherd
Age approx: 7 years
Jessie is very friendly. She is quite small for her breed. Jessie gets on well with people. She is not good with small dogs or cats. Jessie would love to be in a family with older children.


Name: Skippy
Breed Lurcher Cross
Age approx:  7 years
She lived in spain with her owner and he died. So was bought back to this country to be rehomed.
Very easy to walk on the lead. She loved playing in the exercise area. We played fetch and she kept bringing back the balls.
She took a particular shine to one which we are going to let her keep in her kennel. Extremely obedient. Sits/gives her paw/drops. And i think she would have let us groom her all day if she had chance.
She's good with cats and dogs. And good with children but maybe 5+ because she's slightly bigger than medium.


Name: Snoops
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Age approx: 2 years
She is a loving and fun girl. Her previous owners circumstances changed and had to move into a property where dogs were not allowed. She is house trained and would love to be part of a family.


Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Age approx: 5 years
Lola is a smaller Staffie. She can be lively but is a steady dog that is good with children. Lola has in the past lived with another dog but we do not recommend she be re-homed with cats. Lola will make a very loyal and loving pet.


Name: Summer
Breed: Dog de Bordeaux
Age approx
Summer came to us last October having been rescued from life as a puppy factory.
She is a surprisingly energetic, if rather clumsy girl and cannot wait to have a good play and run around the paddock followed by plenty of fuss, preferably sitting on your lap! She gets to know new people quite quickly, especially if they have plenty of biscuits. She was very happy travelling when taken to the vet recently to be speyed. Summer needs a home that can appreciate her distinctive looks and enjoy her laid back character.


Name: Tizzy
Breed: Schnauzer Cross
Age approx: 4 years
She needs a loving and understanding home.  She had a rough start in life but is now a relaxed and happy girl. She needs to be on her own. Not suitable in a home with younger children. 


Name: Lily
Breed: Husky Cross
Age approx: 3 years
Lilly, loves to come out and play chase with a ball or tug-o-war with a raggie toy. She is very affectionate and really enjoys some fuss and attention, not quite so keen on a bath but behaves herself and puts up with it ! Although excitable and very playful when first taken out, she is smart, obedient and easily trained with a pocketful of biscuits and praise. She goes around most of the agility course but not got the hang on the hoop yet! Lilly would suit a family with older children that can give her plenty of love,  attention and some training.


Name: Shona
Breed: Blue Merle Border Collie 
Age approx:   6 years
More details to follow

Cokie & Bonnie

Name: Cokie & Bonnie
Breed: (Cokie Male) Yorkie Cross, (Bonnie Female) German Shepherd Cross
Age approx:   8 & 10years 
Both are lovely, very friendly, however they are dependent on each other and need to be rehomed together. They have both just had their world turned upside down,could you give them a loving home that they both  deserve!


Name: Pickles
Breed: Labrador Cross 
Age approx:    6 years
Very loving and affectionate lady. Needs to be rehomed on her own and with older children


Name: Lola
Breed Beagle
Age approx:  18 months
More details to follow


Name: Cody
Breed German Shepherd
Age approx:   1 year
More details to follow


Name: Tash
Breed: Jack Russel
Age approx:  4 years
Little Tash is an adorable little girl.She happily trots around our office but her favorite thing is jumping up and sitting on your lap, and will happily sit there for as long as you do. She also enjoys being cradled like a baby and she relaxes and falls asleep. She's beautiful and has a lovely nature.
She would make a wonderful companion and  lovely family member.
Tash does prefer her own company so would be better suited to a home without dogs and cats.
She could go into a home with children aged 5+
Those Arriving Shortly






Those Currently in Foster Homes



Name: Flossy
Breed Lurcher Greyhound Collie
Age approx:  12 Weeks
Flossie is currently enjoying foster care in a house with 3 other dogs of different ages and sizes.
So she getting excellent socialization skills.A great start to her life ! She's learning very quickly and has met lots of people and loves them all.
She's an active little girl which you would expect for her age and loves games especially chase.
Her foster carers tell us she's very clever and learning quickly.
Flossie should be able to go into a home with others dogs pending them meeting and getting on.


Name: Roxy
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Age approx: 1 year
Roxy loves people and is always excited to meet new ones and furiously wags her tail.
She's an extremely happy young girl and very loyal. Roxy sits and gives her paw.
Her  foster carers tell us that Roxy sits and waits for her food and won't have it until she's given the ok.
That's good going for such a young girl. She adores her Kong toy/Chewy which keeps her amused for ages and she only chews that and not the furniture. Very pretty happy girl.
She could be homed with an older male. And she likes children. But a little older 5+

Daisy & Lucy

Name: Daisy & Lucy
Breed Yorkshire Terrier
Age approx: 4  years
More details to follow
Hello, my name is Daisy, I'm the cute one on the left and Lucy is my lifelong friend. If you click on the picture, there are some even cuter pictures of us.We have just arrived and are feeling sad as we now feel we may miss santa. The other dogs here say he does not come to the kennels as he cannot get his sleigh down the driveway. We love cuddles and hope someone will fall in love with us and give us a forever home.



Name: Quavers
Breed: Staffy Cross
Age approx:  9 months
She is a very friendly, playful and loving little girl. She likes other dogs and would suit a home with older children.

Tiny & Cassie

Name: Tiny & Cassie
Breed Yorkshire Terriers
Age approx:  13 Years
Brother and sister whose owner died. Very friendly, loving and full of life considering their age.
Name: Coral
Breed: Staffi
Age approx:  15 Weeks
Little Coral is a beautiful Brindle puppy. She's currently enjoying the company of several cats whilst in foster care and she loves them.  Once she's had her injections she will meet the rest of the household which includes several dogs as well. An excellent start for her and giving her great socialization skills.
Her foster carers tell us that she is as good as gold and a very well behaved puppy who's enjoying her toys.
She would be able to go into a home with other dogs but would have to meet them and of course cats would be ok.
She can be homed with children aged 5+. She would be a lovely family member.





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